Rewind: She’s a Girlie Girl!

*i’m on holiday with my family this week;  Pea has spent the evening flirting with the Captain (enough to have him send her a special dessert) and then had us all on the dance floor, so after a day under the hot Provencal sun, I’m shattered.  As such,  I’m re-running an earlier post. This post was originally published on July 28, 2009*


This weekend was Sidewalk Sale Days, and the local stores were putting on some fun events and promotions.  Pea decided she wanted to try a glitter up-do. I wish the exuberant amount of sparkly glitter actually showed in this picture.
Because, 3 days, 2 baths and 2 trips to the pool later, its still in her scalp.
And her bed.

And the stairs going up to her room.

And the sofa…and pretty much anywhere else she has been. The stuff keeps showing up, despite my efforts.

Ah, the price of beauty. Isn’t that smile worth it all??

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