Ignorance is hilarious.

Was sharing a story the other day with the Hubs and our neighbors that I hadn’t blogged about yet, and have to share. A bit embarrassing for the store clerk, but its safe to say she doesn’t follow the blog…


Shopping prior to the move, I had loads of Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks loaded in my shopping cart at Tar-gay. Pea was in a foul mood, and stubbornly insisting that she did NOT want Princess gummies, and that I had to PUT. THEM. BACK. NOW.

I calmly explained that we wouldn’t be able to buy them when we moved, and I needed to get them at that time.

The store clerk asked “Where are you moving?”

“To Wales”, I replied.

A lull followed, then “Is your husband a fisherman?”


WHALES. Wales. Get it? (She wasn’t even blond!)

It took everything I could to do nothing more than smile.
However, hitting the car, I laughed until tears ran down my face.


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