The Search for Peaceful Co-existence (Or, Only 45 Days until School Starts)

School has been out for exactly 3 days.

This pretty much sums up how vacation has gone so far. I have already had to institute some new rules:

  • “the next time you complain that you don’t know what you want to wear today, your brother is picking out your clothes for you”
  • “anything thrown in anger will be given to the dog as a chew toy”
  • “if you scratch your brother again, you will wear mittens the rest of the day”

Seriously, the bickering is already doing my head in. I realize that they are siblings, and that is what siblings do, AND that they are still rather worn out from a long school year, but I wasn’t expecting this to start until after our holiday.

I’ve written my summer to-do list, I’ve made a fresh “I’m Bored” jar – I’m chock full of activities – but that doesn’t curb the friction that exists when they are in the same room together. I’m hoping as they slide into summer mode they will both relax a bit. (Boo, in full first-born mode, is a bit militant lately.)

If anyone has a constructive suggestion for maintaining peace in the household (since vodka tonics at 10am are generally frowned upon), please let me know.

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