Crafty McCrafterson I’m Not.

I love crafts, I really do.

It’s a damn shame that I’m so lacking in follow-through and skill, as my Pinterest boards are full of great ideas. Some of them even sound manageable, like my kids’ teacher appreciation gifts.

This year, I thought I’d have a go at the “Tin Can Treats” found on the Our Best Bites website. They had fantastic step-by-step instructions, and it looked simple enough.

In theory.

It took a lot longer than anticipated to get the empty aluminum cans that I needed, partly because of my overenthusiastic husband that recycle-binned the cleaned cans. The ones that I had actually remembered to open from the bottom with my new-fangled opener that removes the top instead of cutting it off, so theoretically, it should have been easy to replace the lid.

I took some pretty wrapping paper that I had found in my desk after a desperate search carefully picked out, loosely measured it and cut it to size, and then the kids helped me tape it into place. We then taped labels (thoughtfully provided as a download on the Our Best Bites site) onto the cans.

Then the cans were filled with Smarties and Giant Buttons. (I would have preferred M&M’s, but they don’t sell them in 2lb bags over here, so I had a tough time finding enough at the store.) I would have had plenty of time, but as my son was panicking to finish his handwriting work, I was staring at them blankly saying “What do you mean tomorrow is the last day of school?” and then dashing to the market once they were in bed for the filling bit.

It’s not like I hadn’t been planning on doing them since I pinned the idea months ago…


So all that was left to do was the gluing. I had a new glue gun, so I wasn’t sure how it was going to work.

Not well, apparently. The damn thing heated up enough to melt the wax enough that I could burn a finger, but not hot enough that it stayed hot – it cooled immediately on hitting the cans. And when I say cooled, I mean HARDENED.

45 minutes later, a few hot glue burns, a metal splinter removed and a lot of cold wax peeled off, and our gifts were done.

I think I’ll be avoiding all glue-gun projects for the time being.

And I hope those teachers like chocolate. Or don’t tell me, if they don’t.


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