The Gallery: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Over the course of the past three years, we have travelled a lot, on both planes, trains and in automobiles. It’s safe to say that we’ve racked up the most miles via airplane.

Some of these have been traveling around Europe – because, honestly, it’s a shorter flight from London (or Birmingham) to Paris than it is from Chicago to Orlando, so how could we not? The reality is that if we were living in the US, we likely wouldn’t even consider taking the kids to Rome or Paris or Barcelona until they were much older, due to the distance and the cost of the flights over here.  Living over here has offered us a fantastic opportunity to see more of the world, and we’ve had a great time doing so. I’m really grateful for the opportunity.

The other bit of traveling is that which I do with the kids, solo – flying from London to Chicago about twice a year to see family back home. At six and eight, they have become pretty seasoned travelers and handle the 8-1/2 hour jaunt really well. Thankfully, Pea is still small enough to curl up in her seat, so on the overnight flight back to the UK, she is typically asleep long before meal service – often before takeoff – and sleeps through landing.

If only I could do that….

Unfortunately, as Boo has sprouted, it is near impossible for him to get comfortable on the return flight, and like me, he doesn’t sleep well. Also like me, he becomes a bit obsessed with how late it is, and how little sleep he has the opportunity to get, which leads to getting more stressed.

We were lucky enough on one of our early flights living here to get that elusive free upgrade to business class. My two spent the first twenty minutes of the flight simply raising and lowering their seats in delight before they settled in with their coloring and a movie.

However, with every subsequent overseas flight we take, all I hear now as we pass through Business Class to the cheap seats in back is a whispered “Mom – when can we fly HERE again…..”

Shhh. Don’t tell them that I found ridiculously low fares for our upcoming flight, and Business class was just a hair over the cost of our usual seats (and on some flights, cheaper, however that works) so I snagged us Business class seats for our overnight flight home.

This time, when they ask when we can sit in those seats again, I can say “How about now?!!!”

I can’t wait…..(in part for the surprise, but mostly, with the hope that I will sleep, too….)

This is week 106 of the Gallery: Planes, Trains and Automobiles


  1. Gmom Phyl says

    “How about now???” I love it, especially if they have REALLY been pestering you. Your family are great travelers!

  2. That is going to be a great surprise for them and they will love you forever! We’ve been to America once and flew with Virgin. We’d bought premium economy seats but due to a muck-up (always the way), they didn’t have any left by the time we checked in two hours before. They offered us 75% back of the fare and bulkhead cheap seats, to which we agreed. When we got to the gate they had found us two seats in first class which were £4000 each normally!!! We jumped at the chance and had a fantastic flight with glasses, cutlery and crockery, a menu for whenever we wanted food, and a wine list that didn’t just say red or white! And the best bit was that they upgraded us again on the way back!

    • That is fantastic! I do love Virgin (so long as you remember to check in ahead of time) – we saw that happening on the last flight we flew with them. Never was I so grateful to have checked in early. (How DO you oversell a flight, anyhow?)

      Haven’t done first class with them, bet it was amazing!

      And while my kids will be thrilled, I’m hoping I don’t set their expectations too high for future flights!

  3. I am impressed at how much travelling you do. I have only been upgraded once to business class but it was luckily on a 26 hour flight to Australia! Very nice.

    • Hey, if you are going to get upgraded, that is the flight to do it on!
      I was pretty shocked, who upgrades a mom traveling alone with a 3 & 5yo????

      I still don’t understand why BA had biz class seats cheaper than economy, but who am I to complain? I’m hoping for an upgrade on the way over, too….

  4. great photos, its wonderful how much your children love travelling and the excitement of it.

    • I take it for granted, but they have become pretty savvy travelers. Of course, I spend half the flight hissing under my breath to calm down (oh, beware the torn stickers in the Usborne sticker dolly dressing books with the 6yo) but thankfully people only see the well behaved child.

      So long as I am completely loaded up with good snacks.

  5. business class is rather gorgeous i take full advantage when travelling with work. for me it’s always the real cutlery and the full laying down that i get excited about. i have been upgraded to first a couple of times and everyone in the same pj’s is hilarious!
    happy flying they will be over the moon!

    • PJ’s??? I think you are in First Class, girlfriend!
      It’s the full laying down that I’m pretty chuffed about. It is patently impossible for me to sleep sitting in the regular seats; honestly, I don’t know why I bother to try. I’d be better off slugging back water and watching movies all night, at least I’d be entertained, instead of anxious because I’m exhausted and not asleep.

      I also appreciate the champagne before take-off. I’ll take two, please….

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