The Gallery: Food

My mother-in-law and her partner are frequent travelers. On their return, Marty always prepares a slide show of sorts of all the photos that he has taken.

Always, always there will be photos of the meals they have eaten. He’s good that way.

Me? I always think about it about halfway through a really amazing meal. Not so much something you want to see, my half-eaten plate.

I DO tend to take pictures of food as I am preparing it….

You may look at this and ask “Why???” but I’m frying up real American (probably made in the UK) Oscar Meyer bacon…salty heaven in a pan for a homesick Yank in the UK.

Sometimes, the preparation is just…well…hopeless. Hopelessly messy. Does this make you feel my cake-decorating-pain?


Sometimes I WILL remember to capture a particularly successful result before I serve it.

Maybe.  (Those are chicken pot pie pockets, by the way. Nom.)

Remember that God-awful icing mess pictures above?


Whenever I DO take a picture of food of any kind, rest assured that Pea will ask “Are we going to send these pictures to Mah-ty?”

He has her trained well!


This is Week 105 of the Gallery: Food.



  1. Gmom Phyl says

    Oh my goodness, caught in the act………..

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