The Gallery: The Everyday

It’s not only the special occasions that inspire me, often I find it in the everyday.
Be it on my daily walks with the dog…
Or catching Pea in all her bed-headed glory…
Or Boo on his perpetual tractor watch…
or finding Pea, who always has a marker or crayon in hand….

Or catching the dog sprawled, twitching in her sleep…

I have my camera out.

A frequent comment uttered by my children is “Mooooommmm….I don’t WANT a picture now!”

Yes, I’m a bit snap happy. A mamarazzi, if you will. 35 mm, point-and-shoot or iPhone, it doesn’t matter. One is usually at close reach.

There is a simplicity in these everyday moments that I love.

In years from now, we’ll look back at these moments with fondness. (Or with the thought “why the hell did she take a picture of that?”) I prefer the former, thankyouverymuch.

This is week 104 of The Gallery: The Everyday.


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