On Silver Linings and Other Things

A little over three weeks ago, I broke my left foot. One might think you couldn’t possibly find a silver lining in THAT particular cloud. But I did.

I had a reason to stay out of the Mum’s race at Sports Day yesterday.


* * * * *

When they called for the mums to run at the end of the day, Pea came flying across the field, grinning ear to ear. Apparently not realizing that just because the cast came off last week didn’t mean that I could actually run, she was crestfallen when I said that I couldn’t.

I tried to suppress my delight relief.

Oh, I run for exercise. (Or, I did before the break.) But do I race? No….that requires RUNNING. I don’t RUN.

Unless I’m being chased by a rabid dog. Or my kid wanders into the street. Being chased by a rabid dog. Or maybe if it’s raining and I’m wearing my favorite leather shoes.

I was NOT a sporty child. I fell into the “death by humiliation” picked-last camp. I ran too slow, my hand-eye coordination is absent pretty poor. About the only sport I was every half-decent at was volleyball.

As I watched the children participate, I shuddered. I would have hated this as a child. There isn’t a competitive bone in my body. Well, not a sporty one.

But you know what I saw? I saw enthusiasm. I saw teamwork. And in the child that was me – the one straggling last towards the finish line – I saw all the kids rooting him on.

It. Was. Awesome.

I saw my kidlings have fun, win or lose. Whatever pep talk their teachers have been giving them surely hit home. My kidlings saw – and commented on – how they improved from last year. And a daresay if I bought Boo a jumprope, he’d likely be practicing in the back garden.

Because they give it their all, and didn’t say “I can’t”.

I have to admit, it made me feel a little ashamed about being relieved to have an excuse for not jumping in.

But only a little.



  1. Gmom Phyl says

    I was that same kid you were. Yes, it is wonderful how teachers and coaches can set the stage where all children participate and enjoy.

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