Fill In The Blank Friday

Hello, Friday! It’s time to fill in the blank, of a sort.
This week’s prompt is something I’m still searching for….

I am patiently waiting for summer to arrive here in Wales.

My sundresses hang expectantly in the closet. I’ve near forgotten the feeling of sun on my arms as I shop for new cardigans to wear over my summer tops.

I flip longingly through old beach vacation photos, dreaming of the salty ocean smell and sand between my toes.

My Wellies mock my sandals, left absently in the corner of the cloakroom.

I should be sitting in the sunshine, a cold drink in my hand, burgers on the grill while kids shrieks are heard from the trampoline.

Still it rains. And rains.

It is cold and damp. The calendar says it will be summer tomorrow.

How optimistic.

* * * * *


It’s really feels like an extended spring here in Wales, and the rain is getting to me…..head over to The Little Things We Do. She has sunshine (and a haiku) and more linked up fun!



  1. Jan Suarez Ameday says

    Send the rain this way. Desperately needed.

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