The Gallery: Family

After the initial adjustment period ends, the hardest part about moving overseas isn’t the differences in language, driving on the “wrong” side of the road, different food at the market (or different names for common foods).

No, the hardest part about moving overseas is being so far away from family.

We’ve been fortunate that our parents have been able to make the journey, as well as a favorite Aunt and Uncle, but the cost of travel and family schedules has made it difficult for us to visit siblings as often as we’d like and for them to come here.

I’m grateful for Facebook and Skype, to be sure.

This past April, we were able to catch up with ALL our siblings over the two-week break. The Chicago area, St. Louis, Williamsburg and Richmond Virginia – it was a very busy, manic trip.

It was, in a word – FABULOUS.

 It was brilliant to see all of our children together – to see all the personality traits they share, the mannerisms, the expressions, the features.

I hope we don’t have to wait so long to get together with everyone again, and I know that having them all to go back home to will make our eventual move home more appealing for the kids.

This is week 102 of the Gallery: Family.


  1. Can’t wait.

  2. What fab pictures and it must be hard to live away from your family. It’s good to catch up x

  3. What gorgeous pictures – it looks like an amazing trip where many happy memories were stored. I only live 3 hours from my parents and it already feels too far, so I can only imagine how hard it must be to be so many miles away from your family. But you’re right, what a great place to visit and eventually move back to.

    • I know what you mean – we were an hour and a half from my parents, and THAT seemed far.
      Funny to think now that when we talk about moving back, comments like “Philadelphia or Charlotte or Raleigh wouldn’t be too far away” pop up in conversation. I NEVER would have said that before we moved!

  4. Gorgeous photos. My brother’s wife is Chinese. She’s currently in China (3000 miles away) with my niece and nephew. My brother is without them for three months. It’s hard isn’t it when family are based from you. Having read your post I’m not going to introduce him to the world of Skype. x

    • Wait – you’re NOT going to introduce them to Skype?

      Skype rocks…and it’s free. (I actually have a subscription so I can call friends/family and tell them to get on Skype…) It’s awesome to be able to see and hear them….

      I couldn’t imagine being apart for that long…it’s tough enough when the Hubs is away on business for a week. My heart goes out to him…

  5. great photos – I am envious. My son has no cousins. Looks like a fantastic weekend.

  6. we are also far away, love your pics

  7. It’s great to be able to get all the family together.

    We’re lucky in that both my OH’s and my immediate families are within 7 miles of us. However, I’d love the cousins to be able to go on a big family holiday together but because all the men are farmers, we can’t all go away together and leave the farm. Such a shame

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