DIY means “Dad…..It’s (all) Yours!”

When I was younger and single, my father constantly offered the advice: “Marry a tradesman. They can fix stuff.”

Instead, I married a salesman. We tend to fix a lot of things with our checkbook.

While my father taught me how to use a hammer and screwdriver, and I may have come into my marriage with more tools than my husband (the power tools were all mine) – at 40-something, I still depend of my Dad’s advice and how-to skills more than I should. (Like, for everything.)

To be honest, there is very little regarding appliances, repairs and anything how-to that I don’t check with my Daddy first.

Meanwhile, I have my plumber on speed-dial and my painter’s father does handyman type jobs (no WAY was I hanging those roller blinds myself…).

Do not get me wrong, there are definitely times when I wish I had more of an in-depth understanding of metalwork, welding and construction equipment like a mig weld device for example, but for now, I have accepted that some things are best left to the experts!

We live in a rental, so there isn’t much DIY going on here lately. And to be fair, my husband is great for the assembly of bikes and pedal tractors, and basic tightening of screws and sink connectors with a wrench, etc (accompanied by a LOT of colorful language right in there with it).

A learning experience for our 8-year old, indeed. (Really, I LOVE you, honey.) To be fair, we DO have two toolboxes in our possession, and a cordless drill, and we both know how to use all the tools held within. We’re not totally helpless…

I suppose this all begs the question:

despite all the abundance of modern technology and availability of the internet, do you still turn to your dad for DIY advice?


According to some research recently conducted by DIY brand Polycell, 63% of people under the age of 25 turn to their fathers first on for help with all forms DIY, despite the “abundance of modern technology and availability of the internet”.

Interestingly, a more than third (38%) of those questioned who are in their thirties and forties (yes, I fall into the latter) STILL turn to their fathers for help….

Do you think that means that we aren’t picking up/developing the skills that our fathers’ have? It’s a shame, really. *eyeballs husband* Seriously, though, I think a modified version of Home Ec and Woodshop should be required coursework for all graduating high school seniors….Life Survival Skills 101

So. I digress.

Here’s something for all us closet DIYers:

Polycell, a provider of decorating preparation products, is launching their DIY Dad service this Fathers Day. Professional decorators will be available on Sunday at noon to answer all your DIY questions at Just post a question, and one of their guys will respond – so you can give YOUR dad a break.

As for me, I’ll be hoping for practical advice on how to fix the cracking ceiling covering (wallpaper?) in Boo’s room, since it freaks him out….


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