Fatherhood is the Easier Gig. Isn’t it?

In the bigger frame of things, Fatherhood is WAYYY easier than Motherhood. There. I said it.


Firstly, we must look at how we earned those titles. For the most part, mothers DO have a bit more investment in the process and a lot more effort and work. The title of “Father” is grandly bestowed in the delivery room.

Moms get the laundry, the cooking, the cleaning, the “pick-up-your-room”-ing, and much of the discipline. We buy prepare the food for the bake sales, volunteer for the PTA, and help with the homework. We are the ones who hear the call of “Moooom, I can’t find my shoe/swimsuit/doll/the dog!” Our to-do list is never-ending. We painstakingly sit hunched over the child sized play table “helping” put back together the Hama bead creation – for the third time – that darling daughter dropped trying to get it to your ironing board.

Dad walks in the door after a long day at work – and the kids cheer “Daddy’s home!!!!!!”

Believe me, they don’t cheer when I walk through that door. Is there is no justice in this world?

* * * * *

All moaning aside, the Hubs is a fantastic father. He waited a long time to be called “Daddy” and has been enthusiastic about it from day 1.

He is the one with the patience to teach Boo to ride his bike.

He is the one who has given endless piggyback rides when Mommy has been too tired to do one more.

HE is the one who enthusiastically jumps on the trampoline at EVERY request. (Pregnancy did a number on mommy’s bladder, so jumping, as much as I enjoy it, is a dangerous proposition.)

He is the one who lays down the law when Mommy’s quiet, gentle admonitions are misinterpreted as “yelling” and chaos and tears are ruling the moment.

He is the one to dress up like a pirate when Pea has an itch to play.

He is the one who always pushes to get out of the house and go on adventures. If it were up to me, they might be quietly coloring or reading all day long. Ok, or hear cries of “Go outside and play”.

It is most likely from him that they will learn the appropriate swear words that go with any home improvement or assembly projects. Possibly related, they also learn to stop bleeding and bandage cuts from him.

Even at the end of a really crap day a the office, in the face of stress or travel, he ALWAYS has time to enthuse about a project, admire a drawing, have a cuddle and a smile for his children.

He’s a great dad. I know our kids agree.


Happy Father’s Day, honey.


  1. Great post. Happy Fathers Day Pete.

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