The Summer To Do List

Wednesday was officially the first day of summer (peers out the window), at least according to my calendar. While I’ve sorted out most of our summer holiday plans, which officially starts July 18, I hadn’t actually compiled the to-do list I’ve been working on with the kidlings.

This summer may be the start of our last year here in the UK  – the beauty of the open-ended assignment – so I don’t want to take a single minute for granted….

  • Play at Cusop playing field

  • Play at the “wooden” playing field

  • Have a picnic

  • Go for a hike

  • Fly a kite

  • Go for a boat ride on Brecon canal

  • Have a photo shoot with the kids

  • Go to Disneyland Paris

  • Go to Folly Farm in Tenby

  • Go to the Bristol Zoo

  • Blow up a balloon with vinegar and baking soda (bicarb)

  • Bake cookies together

  • Write letters to friends and family. Lots of stickers and glitter will be involved

  • Make popsicle stick puzzles. (Maybe mail them home with the letters: see #13)

  • Make bleached out t-shirts

  • Make scented soap (Pea is obsessed with her little gingerbread men soaps)

  • Bake cookies

  • Have a sleepover

  • Explore a castle

  • Explore Versailles

  • travel on a river boat in France

  • Ride on a steam engine

  • Have a water balloon fight

  • Make potato stamps

  • Jump on the trampoline in the rain

  • Go swimming

  • Ride on Papa’s “Tractor”

  • Celebrate on Taco Tuesday

  • Blow up Ivory soap in the microwave

  • Make chalk drawings on the driveway

  • Go Bowling

I’ll be checking things off as we do them this summer and updating with photos, so be sure to check back.

Have you made your summer to-do list? If so, link up yours over at  My 3 Tartlets! (or at the least, pop over to check out other ideas!)

My 3 Tartlets


  1. Thanks for the link up! I love your list and think I’ll add a few to our list – bleached out t-shirts, baking soda/vinegar balloon and blowing up Ivory Soap in the microwave (though, that will have to wait until we are back State-side). Looks like a FUN summer at your home!

  2. You need this for the water balloon fight. Greatest invention ever! We haven’t had to tie a water balloon all summer (and they’ve made about 1500)
    We bought two of them.

    I am going to do the Ivory soap in the microwave and I’d like to try the bleached t-shirts…that’s neat!

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