Fill in the Blank Friday – the Late Night Version


Lauren over at “The Little Things We Do” has introduced a new format to her “Fill in the Blank” Friday meme, so here we go:

…blogging is a creative outlet for me. What started out as a way to simply share the milestones and memories of my then very small babes with far-flung family has grown into something much more. There’s no question that my kidlings still play a rather central role in many of my posts, but my posts are as much about my journey as theirs.

I am pretty self-conscious and self-critical, and possess a side that doesn’t like to talk in public and yet will turn into a babbling idiot with no off button, particularly when I’m nervous. Blogging gives me an outlet for the voice inside my head that doesn’t run faster than I can talk. It is a normally hopefully edited version of my thought process.

I blog because I love to write; one day, I hope to be able to write for others, via blogs or other media.

Out of my blogging I have made new friends, received encouragement, been inspired, and have begun to take my photography more seriously.  I’ve grown.

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  1. Blog land is a pretty fun place! I had noooo clue when I began blogging, that this whole community existed. Love the creative outlet that it provides, for sure:-) xoxo

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