Saturday is Caption Day

At the Hay Festival earlier this week, Pea discovered this BIG head, a gift to the Festival from Mexico. (Wouldn’t a cake have done just as well?)

Pea found it quite grouchy looking, and I think their shared expression needs a caption!!!


Now, head on over to Mammasaurus for more captioning fun!


  1. Let’s face it – they are not happy bunnies 😉

    • her fake grumpy face is no where near as frightening as her REAL grumpy face, which likely would have frightened giant head, but she did give a pretty ferocious go, didn’t she!

  2. Ew Mummy, someone needs a breath mint and an exfoliation treatment I think.

  3. it’s not *quite* the weather I was expecting

  4. If I wrinkle my nose like this will we look like sisters?

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