Run, Chubby, Run…and a few helpful apps, to boot!

Last week I talked about how I kicked all concepts of dieting to the curb and have taken up running while using a Fitpod AND a Slimpod from Thinking Slimmer.

Part of using the Slimpod and the Fitpod is keeping a daily journal of things you notice yourself doing differently.

Here are a few of mine from my journal:

  1. didn’t finish my sandwich because I wasn’t hungry and didn’t want it, even though it had BACON
  2. popped cherry tomatoes into my gob as I walked through the kitchen (instead of grabbing cookies)
  3. ate veggies and hummous for lunch, even though there is a cornish pasty in the fridge – and enjoyed it
  4. was disappointed because I wasn’t going to be able to do my run first thing in the morning
  5. instead of sitting at the cafe drinking a latte while my daughter was at ballet class, I went for a run
  6. passed up cake at my favorite cafe
  7. enjoyed my run
  8. couldn’t wait to get out and do my run today
  9. took the dog for an extra walk
  10. put on a slightly too tight “look at those rolls” running top and RAN ANYWAY. Usually I’m too self-conscious and wouldn’t be caught dead in something that unflattering. Today, I just wanted to be cool in the heat.

When it comes to running, (historically) i fade out and give up.

Now, I’m hanging in there. I could use my (recently diagnosed) asthma as a great excuse – some days, its been really difficult to run with masses of pollen blowing in my face. But I haven’t given up.

I wish I could tell you what magic Trevor is word-weaving on the Fitpod, but honestly?

I’m long asleep by then.

I have all my Thinking Slimmer downloads on one playlist, and when I put on my “Lose a dress size” MP3, it automatically plays EVERYTHING until I realize I’m listening and turn it off. So I get a bit of Slimpod, a bit of Fitpod and likely a bit of the Stresspod.

I’m podded to the hilt!

I’m not feeling as snackish, I’m definitely eating less at dinner, I’m drinking lots of water and by golly I’m running. (Kind of. Humor me.)

Today I start the third week of the Couch-to-5K program. I’m a bit nervous.

Oh – and I promised you some good apps. Here is what is helping me:

Get running – this is a “Couch to 5K” kind of app, but of all I’ve tried, it is the most helpful. This app will run in the background while My iPhone plays my running mix, and a voice cuts in to give me a heads up for getting ready to run, lets me know when I’m halfway through a running bit, and lets me know how many left to do, etc in a voice isn’t annoyingly chirpy or patronizing. It will even tell you when you are halfway done so you can turn around to head home.

Cost: mine was $1.99, since I’m still in the US store, but it is available in the UK iTunes store also.

Map my run – this is a geeky little app that does literally what the name says: it uses the iPhone’s built in GPS to tracks your route, speed, distance, pace, etc. You can keep your routes private or make them public so other runners in the area can get ideas for alternate routes.

Cost: Free

Gratitude Journal – I’ve been using this for a while, trying to write down (at least) three things I’m grateful for in order to keep life in perspective and to stay positive. Lately I’ve been using it to write down my daily observations on my progress, which is part of the Slimpod and Fitpod programs – as I mentioned in a previous post, this works on the belief that by simply writing down the changes that you notice, you further reinforce them in your subconscious. Or are more conscious of them, which further cements your decisions. Or something like that. Whatever, it works.

Cost: $0.99 for me in the US iTunes store.

So that’s it! My iPhone, a Fitpod, a Slimpod, a few apps for support and lots of healthy food in the house, and I’m well on my way.  I’m focusing more on fit of my clothes than weight since my scale is notoriously fidgety and won’t weigh you the same twice.

In the meantime, if you see me out running, please don’t laugh, but do say “hi”.

And if I’m on the ground wheezing, please help me up.


  1. Gmom Phyl says

    You go Girl!! Evidently, if you CAN run, it can help asthma. Increase lung capacity??

  2. I wish you lived by me and we could do this together.

  3. Seriously – awesome! I’ve looked into the Fitpod/Slimpod thing… is it from the UK? We have to chat about it. I’m getting the iPhone apps next – only 2 months and I’m home… gotta get my fit on! Keep it up – you’re great inspiration!

    • You NEED to try them. They really do work.

      • I’m getting them now! We’re heading to Maui (shhhh!) in August for our final trip as expats and I need to get my bootie in shape – starting TODAY! The apps are on there and next up – I have to order the Fit/Slimpod things!

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