The Gallery – Sunshine

Spring? Was that spring? Rain, cold, gray, windy….most of April and May felt like an extension of  winter here in Wales.

So this past week – full of warm weather, sunshine and blue skies?

It’s been pretty darn fantastic. Practically felt like summer.

Kinda makes a girl want to get outside and play.

Did you get out and make the most of this wonderful sunshine?

This is week 101 of the Gallery: Sunshine


  1. Nice cloudscape♫♪ And yes I did get out in the sunshine….to uproot overgrown bushes, pick up tree limbs my husband pruned, weeding, etc. at my son’s new home whose lawn had been neglected by previous owners!

  2. Gmom Phyl says

    Gorgeous picture of our Princess M…………

  3. Gorgeous pictures. x

  4. Both of these pictures are gorgeous. Real treasures. We’ve been doing much the same – playing outside in the sunshine. I love it and I hope we get a bit more of it this summer!

  5. Gorgeous pictures. I love the one of the sky. We have managed not to have any clouds until today!

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