Fill in the Blank Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s been a great week, and Lauren has picked some happy blanks to fill. So let’s get at it and fill those blanks!

  1. The best surprise ever would be a holiday trip to someplace warm and sandy that I didn’t have to plan or do much of anything once I got there. Peter Island or St John would be fab. Hint, hint.
  2. My wedding is my most favorite memory, followed by my honeymoon on Peter Island and seeing my kids smile for the first time. What, you thought I would have just one?
  3. The hardest, but most worthwhile thing I’ve ever done was breastfeeding my kidlings. I had a rough start but we figured things out, and if it hadn’t been for problems with nursing, we might not have caught Pea’s torticollis as soon as we did.
  4. The best part of my day is snuggling with my kids at bedtime and listening to the recounting of their worst and best pasts of the day. And that first cup of tea.
  5. Something that I like that most people don’t is grape jam on my bacon sandwich (or sausage biscuit). Yum.
  6. Something that I’m willing to fight for is my marriage and my kids innocence. I don’t want them growing up any faster than they need to.
  7. Something you might not know about me is that I took tap lessons when I was five (or six) along with ballet and baton (do they even still teach baton?) and then tap again in high school for a year. In hindsight, it really wasn’t cool…I also took organ lessons for years (because my parents went out for a piano and came home with an organ. Again, not so cool. I still want to learn piano….

How was your week?

And better yet, how would YOU fill in the blanks?

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  1. OMG are you kidding, the organ is SO cool!!! You can’t play creepy horror movie music quite as well on a piano, nor intimidating church music, in fact. Also, I’d love to know how your parents went out for a piano and came home with an organ… The tap dancing on the other hand..

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