Leave your Diet At the Door.

I will confess – I am a long time WeightWatchers member.

I had some success with it after the birth of my second child.

And again when we moved to the UK and I discovered NEW comfort foods like sausage rolls and lemon madeira cake as I settled in.

But always….something happens – a holiday, followed by one of the kids falling ill, and I fall off the wagon. It’s a great program so long as you track. But when you stop….*sighs*

Look, I’m generally a healthy eater. I maintained a healthy weight right up until the birth of my kids. I know what is good for me, how I should eat, what I shouldn’t eat…but I’m also a snacker when I’m stressed. Or bored.

And I will admit that the other big HUGE roadblock in my weight loss journey is a lack of exercise, even though I did lose a stone on WW without exercising at all. I hate it, exercise. I am not an outdoor girl, I’m happiest curled up with a good book. My local gym is not the solution. But I NEED to exercise.

I’m taking a different tack this time. No diets. No counting. Trying a little running…oh, and one other thing:

This time around, I am using a Slimpod from Thinking Slimmer. Slimpods are voice recordings, similar to hypnotherapy, that will help you retrain or “retune” your mind to think differently about food and your relationship to it.

That’s it. So every night before bedtime I pop on my headphones and listen to Trevor, the voice of the Slimpod, work his magic.

His voice is like BUTTER. Butter, I tell you….

I’ve also just begun (again) the Couch-to-5K program, but to help me stick with it this time, I’ve added a Fitpod titled “Making Fitness Fun and Easy“, which really is helping me by giving me a mental push. Sometimes I “listen” to this right after the Slimpod (I say “listen” because most times I drift off to sleep and wake up as it is ending…or not at all.) Other times I listen to the Slimpod as I’m walking the dog, since our walk is a peaceful one through fields or by the river as she runs off lead, and I tend to tune out anyway.

So that’s it. Listen to the Slimpod and the Fitpod (and on a rough day, one of the free Stresspods that came alond with the other “pods”), keep a daily journal of positive changes that I notice (this helps to reinforce your goals, I guess) and setting short-term goals to keep me motivated. My current goal is to be able to comfortably button the gorgeous bright yellow jacket that I purchased just before putting a few pounds back on – just enough to be uncomfortable and for the coat to be less than flattering.

No diets. No tracking foods. How awesome is that!

I’m still using the healthy eating habits I learned through Weight Watchers, but I’m taking a break from the tracking so that I’m not focusing on food and what I can and shouldn’t eat. This time, I’m just going to focus on getting healthy and thinking positively.

Oh, and I’ve lost 2 pounds in the first WEEK of listening to the Fitpod and running.

Got my running cab and my game face on

Now that’s motivation!

* * * * * * *

I’ve got a lot of great apps that I’m using in my fitness journey, and I’ll be posting about them soon. Stay tuned!

* * * * * * *

Disclaimer: I paid for my download of the Slimpod; I was provided with a free download of the Fitpod, but all opinions are my own.



  1. I definitely think that if you don’t harp on it and just make it part of routine that you’re bound to make it part of your life. That’s rather than just a temporary diet that you can fall back on. Good luck!

  2. Nadine Harrhy says

    Ps, u looked fab in the red dress today. I’m doing the positive mental vibes x

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

    • So we just won’t discuss how the zipper on the flowery skirt SPLIT while I was sitting at lunchie, ‘kay?

      PPS, I’m wearing it Friday night, so don’t wear YOUR red skirt!

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