Some Things Never Change

School these days – boy, things are different.

We learned to type on typewriters. In high school.  My children are learning to type on laptops, in kindergarden.

We learned addition and subtraction. My kids are doing things like “Number bonds” and “chunking”.

We had hot cooked meals and homemade desserts. (Ok, so MY kids still get this, but we’re lucky.) Our school district back at home? Everything provided by a food service, delivered shrink wrapped and really pitifully less-than-healthy meal options. Nachos, anyone?

We were taught to tie our shoes in kindergarden. Now, parents teach their children to tie their shoes (which is why my 8-year old still doesn’t really tie his shoes.)


Some things don’t change.

There is always a class bully.

Kids still get plenty of homework.

Recess is AWESOME.

And girls? Girls are still cliquish.

I was a geek loved school, and I loved to learn. But what I hated about school was the cliques – one day you’re everyone’s best friend, and the next day all your “friends” ignore you, and you were a pariah – for no reason but for the Alpha girl’s whim.  I saw this sort of thing last year with my daughter in Reception, and I thought – it starts this early?


Those middle school years were tough. I don’t miss that part at all.

No siree.

Oh, wait – can I change my answer? Do you know what I REALLY don’t miss?

Gym class. (See geek reference above. I sucked at all sports.) There is nothing in school more demeaning for getting picked last for dodge ball (or any team sport). Oh, the agony.

Ooh, no. I don’t miss gym class, either.

Mama’s Losin’ It
This joyous trip down memory lane was written in response to prompt #5 “What about school do you miss the least?” at Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. For more fun and thoughtful posts, head on over to Mama’s Losin’ It.


  1. Yep, totally agreed. I do not miss gym class or the cliques… oh and the horrible school lunches.. boxed pizza and mystery meat. lol

  2. I, on the other hand, LOVED gym class! I think it’s what got me through school with my sanity still intact.

  3. OMG yeah, that part totally sucked for me too!

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  4. OMG yeah, that part – particularly bullies and gum – sucked for me too.

  5. Oh the Chunking rives me CRAZY. I have to re-learn math now. Wonderful.
    I don’t think PE here is as bad as gym class though! Mine are 7 and 10 and it doesn’t seem the same at all!

  6. I kept a diary in elementary, and there is literally a page where I reference 3 girls coming up to me and saying on the count of 3, “we don’t want to be friends with you!” Really bitches?? Where ya at now…maybe you should have reconsidered that decision! Actually the funny thing is I’m best friends with on those girls today…ha 🙂

    And damn those ropes in PE class!!!

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