The symmetrical girl

It was the end of the day, and time for bedtime reading.

We have a blanket chest at the foot of our bed where the kids typically set their reading folders; piled high on it were our pillow shams and various throw pillows. There wasn’t much room left, so when the Hubs set Pea’s book bag next to Boo’s they were perpendicular to each other, and slightly overlapping.

Not good, from Pea’s way of thinking.

She flipped them parallel, but then the nylon handles were facing each other, and the lettering and school logo weren’t aligned.


She then rotated one of them so that they were evenly aligned, and adjusted so that the lettering lined up.


“Is that better?”, the Hubs enquired, amused.

“Yes, I like that Daddy. They are symmetrical.” (This was a term that she learned in school last year, which she liked very much.)

Hubs responded, “You like symmetrical, don’t you, baby?”

Without hesitation, the answer came back: “Yeah, I’m a symmetrical girl.”


She is, indeed.


  1. Yes she is. She is also quite beautiful…

  2. Gmom Phyl says

    She may be worse than Howard Wahlert was, but much more beautiful!!

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