Yesterday morning, Pea slept in because she was poorly.

Our spaniel Macy bounced in the midst of the chaos that occurs as jackets are put on, keys jingle in hand, bookbags are sorted, and the Hubs and Boo depart for the day.

I settled into tidying the kitchen despite not having eaten; I thought I’d wait for Pea to awaken as she hates to eat breakfast alone. It was very quiet in the house, and as I headed upstairs to peek on on my sleeping angel, I spied Macy.

Standing watch.

Waiting for her girl.

She had been scolded earlier for jumping on the door – she was keen to get in and bounce on Pea’s bed and give her a proper good morning cold nose nuzzle for a wake up.

She’s a good girl. And so there she sat.

And waited.

Good dog.


  1. Gmom Phyl says

    There is nothing like the loyalty of a dog. It is beyond reason. It is instinctual and spiritual. Dogs can feel how you are feeling, and know when things are awry.

  2. It only proves that your dog’s properly trained well! I f only my dog would act like that, there would be no problem at our home.

    • Bwahahahahahah!!! If only she was…well…she’s getting better. You’d never guess she was “uninvited” back to puppy school, as the instructor thought she was getting a bit stressed….(she was only social and was very happy to see the other puppies!)

      She’s come a long way. She IS a good girl, and she loves her people!

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