The Gallery: Morning


I had to capture my happy, smiling daughter as she got ready for school one morning this past week.

In all honesty, Pea is NOT a morning person, at least, not on any days where we have to wake her up. (If she wakes up on her own, she is cheerful as the birds.) This particular morning, she was up early and raring to go. I will fully attribute this enthusiasm and effort to a sheet of Rapunzel stickers purchased at the Disney Store in London over the weekend. Lovely, they are, sparkly and bejewelled – and held out as a bribe to be on time EVERY day this week.

If you were to look closely at the clothing piled on top of her head, you would notice that they are organized in the order which she would put them on. She is anal sensible that way.

She’s my sunshine girl.

This post is for Week 99 of the Gallery: Morning.


  1. That is such a cute photo xx

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