My Cybher Takeaway

This past weekend, the Hubs let me escape to London (and escape I did, on the 10:30 am train) to attend Cybher, an inaugural event for female bloggers. (There were a few fellows wandering around…)  It was a great opportunity to put faces to the Twitter names I’ve been chatting away with (some of the Twitter avatars did NOT do their owners justice), meet other like-minded souls, learn a few things, and simply get away.

I was happy to go to dinner the night before with a fabulous group of bloggers. The conversation more than made up for the *interesting* food (vegetarian wood lice prawns, anyone?) and painfully sloooooow service. I was the only one drinking white wine at my table so I ordered by the glass, and was thus not overserved (refer back to painfully slow service above). It does loads to break the ice for the next day, and I was pleased to NOT have a hangover, too. (ahem.)

So in a nutshell:

The day itself was an eye-opener.

  • It was confirmation that you NEVER get over that “new kid at school” feeling of anxiety. (I will definitely get a blog buddy to walk in with for the next one, and I was thrilled to have Heidi (@Him_Me_Three) and Sian (@HelpfulMum) to tag along with throughout the day and Sonia (@Mummy_loves) and Dawn (@Dawnie_Brown) for not looking at me like a little lost puppy.)
  • It was affirmation that it IS ok just to blog for my own personal joy. Monetizing my blog is not necessary (sometimes, you feel like you should be doing something).
  • It was realization that I want to hone my writing skills, because writing is (one of) my great loves, and while I don’t need to be the next big thing, maybe this writing thing can grow into writing for other things (other blogs, magazines).
  • It was inspiration that there is so much more out there we can do. From my brief but fun work experience assisting a Social Media PR maven, I know what can be accomplished with blogs and Twitter, and am curious to explore what I can do.
  • It was the light-bulb going off that my children DO live in a digital age, and that I need to do more to teach them about safety in the interwebz and what-have-you so that they can handle it when they aren’t so readily under my thumb.
  • It was confirmation that despite my innate geekiness, I am not a true cyber geek as I likely won’t ever “get” WordPress. (But I don’t have to because I have ExpandSM. (Those who can, do. Those who can’t, do with their checkbooks.)
  • It was revelation to learn a few new tricks of prettying up my blog via a cool webcast talk by Dexterous Diva. Collages? Can’t wait to try some.
  • It is the hopeless understanding that there is too many people that everyone wants to see to actually have a decent chance to talk to anyone you want to for a decent amount of time. While I did get to say “hi” to many bloggers I follow and tweet with, I really miss not being able to catch up with a good few of them.
  • It’s the humility when in conversation with another blogger they say “Do I follow you on Twitter? No, I don’t think so” and their eyes wander on (even though they tweet with you occasionally) to help you keep this whole thing in perspective (lest you go hide in the Freya bra-sizing cubicle-thingy.)
  • Lastly, it is the opportunity to meet new faces and new sponsors (oh, what I would do to work with Disney UK, I’m such a Disney freak…)

Oh, and it was a damn gorgeous goody bag we received, too.

I wish that I (she-who-is-never-without-a-camera-in-her-hands) had taken more pictures.  I wish that I could have cloned myself and gone to more than one session, because each seemed amazing and I felt like my attention was being pulled towards the Twitterings coming out of other sessions. I wish I had more time to catch up with friends – at times it felt like too-much-to-do-so-not-enough-doing-anything.

My blog is approaching its four (FOUR!) year “blogiversary” this month. Four. Years.  I was thinking about doing something fun, giveaways and what-have-you, but I think instead I’ll be quietly celebrating.  I don’t have thousands of followers like some blogs have. Do I even have hundreds? *ponders*

Anyhoo … I also came to the realization this weekend that while I say I don’t care about the metrics, I do want to be read. To be heard.

And I do think Cybher was just the kick in the pants (American or British) that I needed to get back on track. Thanks much to Sian (@geekisnewchic) and all her team and all the presenters for their rockin’ hard work. It was a blast.


  1. I am also always taking photos, yet on Saturday I didn’t take a single one!

    • Hmmm, I can’t imagine why not…. 🙂 I think maybe you were a little busy.
      Me, I’d be in the loo having a panic attack. You rocked it mama!

  2. Gmom Phyl says

    This was such an interesting account of Cybher. So glad you went. I hope, too, that you can write. I am still holding out for you to write childrens’ books.

  3. It was such a great day and I’m so pleased I met you again x

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