Her Alter Ego….Captured

My daughter is adorable.

I will admit this freely, not solely based on parental pride but on the simple fact that she is really IS cute.

I mean, seriously — look at that face!


THIS is the face her teachers see. This is the face her friends see.

This is the face that I see approximately 75% most of the time.

The rest of the time, she is…well….erm….a bit of a holy terror. All that strong will, all that single mindedness, all that orderly organization “everything in its place in a particular order JUST SO” does have a flip side…

…and that side ain’t pretty.

Even so, she isn’t one to LOOK like a bully. Even in the midst of a major strop, with tears streaming down her round rosy cheeks, she manages to look pathetic, not mean.

Amazingly enough, this alter ego (whom in my head I call “Francis”, reminiscent of Francine, the girl that bullied Lisa Simpson) was captured* – in one shot – buy the gal at the one hour photo place where we went to get photos taken for our visa extension applications. The Hubs took one look at it and said:

“My God, I didn’t think it was possible to make our six year old look like a THUG!”

You decide.



*Not that ANY of us look good in our passport photos, but dang –  the one-hour photo lady has some seriously bad skills, as this photo looks absolutely nothing like my daughter in person.

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