Saying “Hi” to Granddad (or, Waking the Dead)

My kidlings have never met their paternal grandfather. Sadly, he passed away long before they were ever the proverbial twinkle in their father’s eye.

The Hubs tells stories about Granddad Fred, of course – anecdotes particularly – but whenever we visit Colonial Williamsburg, where my husband lived as a child, the stories tend to flow as he reminisces.

We spent the Easter holiday back in the US, and the latter half of the trip with the Hubs’ side of the family. On our way home from a day exploring Colonial Williamsburg, I knew we’d be passing by the cemetery where Fred was buried and suggested we stop in. It had been a few years since we’ve last visited the ‘burg and he had been a bit misty eyed earlier in the day recounting stories of his childhood as we wandered around the historical center. The Hubs parked the car and led the kidlings to where both Fred and Grandmommy, his maternal grandmother, were buried.

Pea stopped for a moment to brush dusty grass clippings off of the stones set into the ground. “Is this where Granddad Fred is?”

The Hubs said “Pea, you should say hi to Granddad Fred. Introduce yourself.”

She replied “I can’t, Daddy — he’s DEAD. He can’t hear me.”

“Jump up and down on his grave – you need to wake him up”, the Hubs instructed.

She thought about it for a moment, then began jumping up and down, all the while shouting:


Boo looked on, partly in horror, partly with curiosity, and a mix of embarrassment thrown in for good measure. Pea grinned with pride.

A few moments later, he joined in, along with the Hubs, the three of them shouting “Hi, Granddad Fred!!!”

I can only imagine that Granddad would have been delighted.


  1. What a great story and so like your children. They get a joy out of so many things.

  2. Gmom Phyl says

    Granddad Fred would have loved it!! He would have loved each and every one of his grandchildren. I fear the little girls would really have had him wrapped!

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