About the Time Pea Got Carsick….and a Giveaway

Well, I’m sure that got your attention.

My daughter is a fantastic car-traveller – or, at least she was until we moved to the UK. In the US, she could handle a 14 hour car ride without any sign of illness, but where we live in Wales, much of the roads are hilly or windy – or both. This does not bode well for “she who now gets carsick going to Saturday morning ballet”.

Yes, I became the mom who didn’t venture further than the school car park without a change of clothes, a pack of wipes, a roll of paper towels, and a..um…bucket in the back seat. And a spare coat. For both kids. (She wasn’t so good with the bucket at first.)

Once we figured out the problem, we could be more prepared, but Pea quickly realized that the motion sickness tablets we tried to give her made her sleepy in addition to not tasting very nice, and so refused to take them. I got tired of arriving places with a poorly girl in a nasty car… Thankfully, I remembered Sea-Bands.

And can I tell you? They work.

Sea-Bands, if you aren’t familiar with them, are a knitted, elasticized wristband with a small plastic disc that, when worn properly, puts pressure on the acupressure point on the wrists related to nausea. See that red dot in the picture? That’s the acupressure point for nausea.

Bingo. No more funny tummy. They are suitable for all ages, they start working immediately, and there is no limit to how long you can use them. They also won’t interfere with any other meds you might currently be taking.

I first discovered them years ago, cruising with a friend that got motion-sick turning around too fast. Taking medications was out, because they make you sleepy (and don’t mix well with alcohol…we were on a cruise, don’t judge.) She wore the Sea-Bands, surviving a horrendously choppy bit in a storm, and had a great time.

Pea prefers her Sea-bands to taking meds, and at “just-turned-6” years old and a bit of instruction and oversight when first doing it herself, she can now confidently and correctly put them on herself – no big thing when you are hurtling down a narrow road with no place to pull off and you hear the moan “I don’t feel so good”. We keep her pair in the toy basket (the one that replaced the bucket, hallelujah) between their boosters  and so if she starts to feel queasy, she knows to put them on.

On a side note, I have spent part of the past two days scrubbing vomit from carpeting in my bathrooms as Pea has been stricken with a stomach bug. After the second (or third) episode yesterday, she looked at me and asked if she could have her bands for her tummy. I popped out to the car to get them, she popped them on, and pretty quickly, her tummy calmed down and she perked up considerably. Later in the day, when she had successfully kept down a small bit of food for a couple hours and appeared to be back to her normal self, she took off the bands and gave them to me for safe-keeping. Coincidence or not, within about 30 minutes, I found her calling to me from yet another bathroom where she just threw up on the floor, and subsequently, my shoes.

She put the bands back on.

If there was ever any doubt before, it’s gone now.

And, since we are heading into Easter break, I thought I’d share the love. The lovely folks at Sea-Band have given me some child- and adult-sized Sea-Bands to give away to you! We’re going to do this quick in the hopes that you receive them before leaving on vacation. Do you want one? Raise your hands…

I’m going to make this simple (since I still need to do some more disinfecting in the downstairs bathroom): leave me a comment below. If you want an extra entry, post a tweet with the hashtag #INEEDsomeSeaBands, and then leave a separate comment telling me all about it.

Do it. Now. (Or by midnight, 29th March, so that I can post them to you ASAP)

* * * * *

Acupressure and acupuncture have been around for eons and I’m happy to say that complimentary and alternative medicines and treatments seem to be much more readily accepted in the mainstream here in the UK. I’m no expert on this, however, so if you have questions, pop on over to the Sea-Bands** website at www.sea-band.com – there is load of helpful information on how acupressure works and how to wear the bands.

** Disclosure – the kind people at Sea-Band provided me with some bands to try out as well as give away, but I myself have been a user for years. All opinions are my own and I was not otherwise compensated for this post.

*** In fact, I’m pretty flippin’ psyched to have discovered Hay Band while cruising the Sea-Band site, and since I’ve been recently diagnosed with allergy-induced asthma, you better believe I’ve just bought some and they are on their way to me as we speak….read…whatever.


  1. Both of my daughters get carsick and I’ve resorted to drugging them every time we take a long car ride…I really need some sea bands to try out!

    • I keep two pairs in the glove box – one for me, one for Pea. (I’m fine when driving, but if my husband is driving? I’m nauseous every time we go to Heathrow. The road through the mountains is killer on me and Pea.)

      Good luck!!!

  2. bubblewench says

    I don’t need these but I will confirm they work very well, for kids and adults! They are wonderful!

  3. If you get any hay-bands before you come over, pick up a few for your allergy bothered family.

    • Just ordered 3 pair – one for me and 2 to bring over. I’m on two steroids, a nasal spray, singulair and have allergy meds at the ready for ward off both the cats and Virginia pollen. It would be nice to not have to take so many….

  4. Gmom Phyl says

    Jenn, if you have a seaband left over, when you come to the States. I would like one. Is one enough, or do you need two??

    • Phyl, you need to hit both acupressure points in unison, so a pair. (I’ll Bring you a non-giveaway pair when we come over, as I only have a pair of each)

  5. Karen mills says

    My youngest daughter gets travel sickness , would love 2 try them out, will try anything , fed up off stopping on every run out we have on a long distance !!

    • I know the feeling – the drive to Tenby, in particular, is always deadly. Haven’t gone on hols once without doing laundry on arrival. Looking forward to the next trip now!!!!!

  6. Karen mills says

    Tell me bout it Jen, we r going down there on fri when finish school for the wk wish me luck !!!!

  7. Lisa Troccoli says

    I would love some for myself as my little girl has some already, I cannot go on water without feeling sick so would love to be able to do this in the future! thanks Lisa.

  8. Lisa Troccoli says

    Have tweeted @lisajane 13, thanks would love the adult pair! Lisa x

  9. Ellie Spencer says

    I’ve had good experiences with Sea-Bands too, Jenn – certainly took the edge off my hyperemesis of pregnancy. Tip for car travel – keep the kids looking out of the car towards the horizon. No toys and definitely no books or Nintendos. Play I-Spy or ‘first one to see…’ to keep their eyes looking up and out of the window.

  10. Hi nice to meet you, Jody here, I came through American Resident. I have never heard of those sea bands. I avoid all sailing and get very car sick so I must give them a roll

  11. I can attest they work, even on boats! Have never heard of the Haybands and with allergies to almost everything, I definitely need to check them out.

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