Safety Town

We have a great educational summer program here for 5- and 6-year olds called “Safety Town”. A two-week half-day “camp” of sorts, it teaches kids safety lessons in fun and hands-on activities.
Boo and one of his best buds.
What a great way for your kids to learn about fire, water, bike, car, pedestrian, poison, animal and playground safety, as well as stranger danger lessons! I know Boo will absorb more coming from, oh, anyone else but me.
They have a miniature town, complete with railroad crossings and street signs, small houses and the yellow lines on the streets. They rode their bikes around the town to learn about bike safety, did crafts, and had fun. Boo loves firetrucks, so their field trip to the fire station to learn about fire safety was probably the highlight of the two weeks. (No matter how many visits to the station, he is never bored…)
On “graduation day”, Pea and I watched Boo show us all his newfound skills while Pea played tourist, and made me take pictures of her in front of all the houses…
He’s looking a bit big for those trikes….
A building sized just for Pea!

Safety buddies!

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