Cake Hell…here we go again

Last week I baked and (badly) decorated not one but TWO cakes for Pea’s birthday – one for the family, to be eaten on the big day, and one for her party.

I couldn’t do any less for Boo, and like his sister, he is consistent. Once again, HE wanted a tractor cake.  (Seriously, I really need to invest in a cake shaped pan and make my life one heck of a deal easier….)

Problem was, right up until about 10 minutes before I greased the pans (and I can’t say enough about Wilton’s “quick release” product) – I couldn’t remember how I made it last year. Oh, there was a lot of carving to be done, but did I bake a 9×13? Two 8″ square?

As I was having a cuddle with Boo, my brain shouted “loaf pans!!!” (Ok, I may have shouted it out loud also. I think I freaked Boo out in the process. Whatever, he has to know by now that I’m certifiably nuts.)

As I was rooting around for cake pans, I remembered the little-used ramekins in the pantry, and thought they’d be far easier more clever for wheels than free-hand cutting out tractor tires.

This is what I ended up with.

I am very messy when I make buttercream. Everything ends up covered in powdered sugar. (Don’t look too closely at the dog, ‘kay?)

In my excitement of successfully carving out all the puzzle-like pieces of cake to loosely resemble a tractor, I was so anxious to dive in that I made a not-fatal-but-totally-amateur error: I forgot to crumb coat the cake. Never mind that I had prepared a separate bowl of icing for said crumb coat….

I just told Boo that the windows were dirty. He thought I was very clever.

The tires didn’t turn out as planned, but by then my back was killing me and I just couldn’t be arsed. I coated the little cakes in a (kind-of) ganache, and told Boo (again) that they were muddy. He loved the idea.

Thank goodness he has a creative spirit.

He didn’t bat an eye at the “it’s-not-spaghetti-it’s-hay” filled wagon. Even though NO ONE would confuse that stringy mess for hay.

Because, again, tired.

In the end, he was happy with it, and that’s all I care about.

Even if “it looks way nicer than last year’s” was his final comment – a back-handed compliment if I’ve ever heard one – it is a compliment nonetheless, so I’ll take it.

However, if he still wants a Ben 10 cake for his birthday party, I may just swallow my pride and pop to the grocery store to buy him one.


  1. omg! That’s an awesome cake. I’m pinning it for the Boy’s next birthday! Do you mind if I pin it??
    Also, will need detailed instructions as to how you assembled it because it looks like you have more cake than you would need in the top picture. Did you use all the pieces??

  2. Actually, I didn’t use all of the cake. Lets just say that I did a lot of snacking when my job was done!!!!! I got nervous, and mixed two boxes of devils food cake, and the leftovers I dumped into the square pan, which was actually extra, so I made the wagon. (The wheels are two double-stuffed oreos, dipped in the chocolate ganache!)

    The bulk of the cake WAS the two loaf pans. There was a bit of creative carving of the second one to get a proper tractor shape.

    I got sneaky and used small ramekins and large ramekins for the wheels, because last year I just traced glasses, and there were no messy crumbs this way.

    When you are ready to make the cake, email me, and i’ll send you my really good guess (because really, I had no plan) of what I did.

  3. Jan Suarez Ameday says

    You did an awesome job. So creative!

  4. wow that’s amazing. Well done you x

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