Moving Day

Ok, so I’m a titch behind on updating my blog…suffice it to say that its been crazy around here, and no one wants to hear all the bitching I’ve been doing, so it was safest to stay far, far away from the laptop.

To be honest, I think everyone should have to move once every few years, if only for the single purpose of clearing out all the accumulated crap – all that detria that we think we need, only to stuff it in the back of the closet. Oh, sure – I have plenty of things that I keep only due to sentimental value or because it is a family piece — but then again, we have a lot of stuff that we kept due to sentimental value that is now long gone, or only because they were family pieces, but are really crap.

And when all is said and done, when the movers came to pack for storage, they packed up 7,500 pounds of stuff we aren’t taking with us.

7,500 pounds, people.

Right. So we couldn’t take anything from the living room, dining room, guest bedroom or office. We also left behind our bed and dresser (won’t make the turn up the stairs). Anything that plugged into a wall was left behind. And we had to leave behind a fair chunk of our Christmas decorations but…no, scratch that – that didn’t even make the truck. Its locked into a storage room in the basement. Which, come to think of it, will probably get seepage during heavy rains, and should have gone to storage.

So while we did have some big and heavy pieces, there were a LOT of boxes left over. What I really want to know is — what the heck is in all those boxes???

I don’t even know….

I guess, on the bright side, when we arrive in Hay, we will only have HALF the contents of our house to unpack. And if I play my cards right, my darling hubs will have unpacked a fair bit of it before we arrive.

Its all in the planning, people.

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