A Letter to My Son on His Eighth Birthday

Dear Boo,

Today is your 8th birthday – how is this possible? Where has the time gone? It seems just yesterday you were a little guy toddling around the house, shouting “get you – get you” – your way of saying “let’s play chase”.

You’re not so little any more! It’s impossible to keep you in trousers that reach the tops of your shoes, and you freak me out when you say “When I’m 12, I might be as tall as you”.  These days, it’s not so much about the chase (it annoys you completely when the girls at school play this game) – these days, you’re all about tractors, tractors, Legos, trains, Mario Kart and tractors. You love football and are finally growing into those long arms and legs. Your confidence in this last year has bloomed – and you are such a grounded boy. Sensible, practical…and yet very emotional and still a bit sensitive.

Sometimes, a bit too much like your ole’ mom. Which….can make us butt heads more than I’d care to admit.  I’m starting to realize that sometimes, it’s not as much about what you are saying as my seeing too much of myself in you, and not wanting that – the insecurities, the self-doubt – for you.

Sorry for that…

Where you are NOT like me is in your easy ability to talk to anyone. You are social, make friends easily, and are a good friend. You have a contagious laugh that still wreaks havoc when let loose. (Yes, I have coffee with your teacher…I get the details.)

I love that when you got your reading glasses, you were excited – not just because you didn’t have to squint, but because they made you look smart.

You don’t need glasses for that.

Your little sister does a good job (too good, sometimes) in unintentionally distracting our attention with her strops. I know this can be hard for you, so let me say it again – we appreciate you. The fact that you wake up, get yourself ready, help set the table – and get out the door on time in the morning does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. You’re a star.

And despite how much your sister can annoy you, you take on your big brother role pretty well.

In fact, you’re a pretty amazing (not-so-little-any-more) guy.

And I love you.

Happy birthday, lovely boy.


  1. Happy Birthday Sam. Can’t wait to see you. Love

  2. Hope you had a good day Sam….see u soon!

  3. Happy Birthday to your not so little boy. What a lovely boy he is xx

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