I Should Have Stopped While I Was Ahead (or, I’m Blaming it on the Kid)

Friday was my daughter’s birthday….and, as I posted previously, at her request, I baked her a doll cake. I am by no means a professional. I don’t even think I qualify as a hobbyist, since I only pull out the icing tips for the kidlings’ birthdays.  Anyhoo, from my very adult, type-A and perfectionist viewpoint, the doll cake was passable. Barely.  At one point, it was looking pretty good, and then I did just one more thing – and then it looked stupid. I sent this tweet:

However, from the viewpoint of a six-year-old, it was beautiful. She LOVED it. *Job done.*


That was her birthday cake. There was still today’s birthday party to contend with. You would THINK I would learn my lesson. You know, learn from my past mistakes and all that….

So there I was, with a lovely BRIGHT pink cake, sides smoothed to near perfection, not an easy job with buttercream (at least, not if you possess my skills), “happy birthday” scripted on the top in yellow icing, only slightly slanting, and a pretty yellow shell border at the top and bottom, with a thin yellow stripe on the side.  Pea wandered through the kitchen as I was adding a little sugar sprinkle (you can’t have too much glitter in my her book) and she stopped to look at my progress.

“It’s pretty mummy!” she said brightly, but with a glint in her eye, “but where is the purple and the blue and the hearts and things?”

I think it was the thought “well, I did make up a bit of light blue and lavendar frosting” that was my first mistake.

Don’t get me wrong. This is HER cake, and if she wants color, she wants color – who am I to argue?

Except, lets not forget – I kinda suck at this. The first bit of lavender wasn’t bad. The second was heinous.

I could have stopped there.

Bless me, I didn’t. (In the end, I think I gave of any hope of making a tasteful cake, and decided to try to use as many of my icing tips as I could. Oh yes, I went there.)

Now, there are plenty of ways to make a cake that is both appealing to a 6-year-old and tasteful. *This wasn’t it.*

In the end, my daughter has a cake that, in my opinion, looks like it is prize winner for Cake Wrecks, or possibly is what is left over when Willy Wonka himself explodes.

And I have a happy daughter.

That’s all that counts, right?

Oh, and it WAS tasty.


  1. Those cakes are AMAZING!! You’re very talented

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