Next Year, I’m Buying a Cake. Really.

For the fourth year running, Pea has asked for a doll cake.

Heaven help me.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I had any discernible talent at cake decorating. Unfortunately, like many other things, while I have excellent ideas and great enthusiasm, I have very little natural ability.

In fact, the primary reason why I make sure to have fun documenting each year’s cake is so that hopefully, someday in the future, Pea’s daughter will see the photos and BEG her mommy to make HER a cake just like that.

And she will know the hell that a Type A mom endures when taking on a task way beyond her ability.

* * * * *

So right now, the cake is tightly wrapped in cling film and sitting in the freezer. I can’t be fussed to actually attempt to bake and frost on the same day. And this year, I’ve cheated – I bought a Wilton “Wonder Mold” doll pan. Instead of baking several round cake layers in various sizes and carving it down, I used the doll pan to form the skirt. I’m praying it doesn’t fall apart when I cut it, because it took forever to cook through.

And instead of cutting a hole in the cake and wrapping one of Pea’s Barbie doll in cling film from the waist down, tomorrow I will poke this into the cake.

I’m a bit concerned, because right now, she looks a bit like a blow up doll.

No worries, she will NOT be topless. She might be wearing a jacket borrowed from a Barbie, though. Stay tuned….

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