The Gallery: Light

The sun has been shining brightly the past few days, and while it is a GLORIOUS thing to see, the bright light means I have to plan my photo outings more carefully.  Too close to mid-day and the light moves beyond bright to glaring and harsh, and I lose all the lovely contrasts and shadows.  For me, working with light is one of the trickiest aspects of photography, particularly when I’m trying to get off of the automatic settings on my camera.

However, if I don’t take the dog out for a walk pretty much straight after dropping off the kids for school, I may not get out of the house again, so most of the time we avoid this problem. (Now, if I could just keep the dog from pulling on the lead when I’m trying to shoot in places where she can’t be trusted off lead….)

* * * * * *

To be honest, I love to shoot close to home. My current garden is pretty devoid of landscaping – it’s uncluttered and open, and there isn’t much by way of shade. Our last garden had lovely trees that filtered the light – I’d often find myself at the kitchen sink, and see how the light was falling on the kids, and run to get my camera.

Sometimes, it was just magical.

This post is for week 94 of the Gallery: Light.


  1. Lovely photo, she’s so beautiful x

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