So Why Can’t She Remember to Turn Off Her Bedroom Light?

The other day,  as I was loading up the dishwasher I noticed Pea gazing at me thoughtfully.

“Mummy…” she began.

I put the last plate in the drawer and turned to listen to her. She had “the look” on her face – the one she wears when she has contemplating something and I was curious to know where this conversation would take us – we’ve had some doozies lately.

“Mummy”, she continued, “I was watching TV and it said that Fairy Platinum cleans your dishes to make them shine and it even cleans the hidden bits on the inside.”

I stared at her blankly. What the…?

She continued: “Mummy, do you use Fairy Platinum?”

I have to admit, she caught me off guard with this one, mostly because I’m pretty sure she just repeated the Fairy advert verbatim.

“No, honey, I use **stops to check**  ‘Finish Quantum Powerball’ – Sainsburys had a deal”.

“But, does it clean the hidden dirty bits?” she asked with concern. (She is a tidy girl.) I choked back a laugh.

“I’m sure it does, babe!” I manage, at which point Boo walks in, and seeing me with the box of Finish in my hands, interrupts with the question “Is that Fairy Platinum? ‘Cause it cleans your dishes AND gets all the hidden dirty bits…”

* * * * *

Its obvious that either my kids are watching entirely too much of the Boomerang channel… or they have pretty amazingly accurate memories. 

I’m going with the awesome memories. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely and memorable article. I also nvr forget to switch off the light of my bedroom. My mummy always rocks, I love my mom very much.

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