Pictures of Hay

I am ridiculously behind on my blogging, as there is so much to tell, I’m not sure where to start.

So while I gather my thoughts, I’ll share some pictures of this lovely area….

Pete, enjoying some tea in the garden of the Swan Hotel, just after our arrival. It doesn’t appear that jet lag has affected him much…

A view of the area from our hotel windown. The gorgeous gardens below (the picture doesn’t do them justice) belong to the hotel.

Hay Castle, in the center of town.

A view down a random street.

Signage in Wales is first in Welsh and then in English. This has led to many missed turns for us, as by the time we got to the English, we were past the sign!

The Welsh are very proud of their culture, as as such it is taught in the schools. Boo and Pea will learn Welsh as a second language! (So they can read street signs for us, perhaps!) We did learn that at some point, they will also learn Spanish. We also learned that Boo can take piano lessons at school, and it appears there are many people here who might be able to teach him guitar – although it may not be classical, as he is currently learning with Suzuki. I doubt that he will be disappointed by that, as he really wants to learn to “rock it out!”

We’ve had such an interesting time. I met Leslie Arrowsmith, whose blog “Life in Hay” I have been following for some time. If you want an honest, open look at daily life in a small market town in Wales, she is worth a read! Through her blog I met Jackie (a fellow Illinoisan) – but that is worth another post alone! – and we even merited a mention on her blog!

Funny, what a small world it is with the internet. The owners of the house we are considering renting live in Australia, currently. The estate agent got quite a surprise when he opened a return email from them yesterday – they knew our names and that we were from Illinois (as they follow Leslie’s blog to keep an eye on things at home!)

I’m told, however, that Hay should not be taken for either a traditional English village or Welsh village (it is actually on the England/Wales border). We were told that they town attracts people from all over, so we weren’t really that unusual. We were also told that it attracts some eccentrics in the mix, and that the locals will help us sort out what is typical for the UK and what is a bit, um, unusual.

All in all, it has been a wonderful introduction to the area!

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