The Gallery: Landscapes

I love the view from my back garden.

The garden itself is very different from the last house we lived in – it being a more traditional English garden setting, full of flowers and beds, had high walls, so we didn’t need to look beyond much.  This one is, well, pretty darn bare. It looks like there might be some daffodils cropping up soon, but after that, the only thing that will bloom will be loads of mushrooms, which the dog will chew on and possibly hack back up.

Hopefully not on my sitting room rug.  But I digress….

In our current garden, we mostly look OUT. On fields, hills, sheep – and it is a view that is the same and yet ever different…

…be it after a storm, when the sun breaks through the clouds….

or in the fog…

It’s really lovely, for all its nothingness.

This post is for Week 92 of The Gallery: Landscapes


  1. That is a lovely view!

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