A Family Story

I’m really grumpy with Tara at Sticky Fingers this last week. Her Gallery theme – the Family Story – was a bit nightmarish, and not just because any family photos that basically predate my kids are in storage in Chicago. (A stupid move, I know….) Telling a family story in just one picture?


My grandfather loved his guitar. Playing it was one of the many things he Did to try to keep his mind sharp – he always said you had to constantly exercise it to keep it working.

Never mind that he had a hearing aid that could likely tune in signals from NASA. No, his guitar was rarely in tune – but since he probably couldn’t hear it clearly, it didn’t matter.

My son loved to take his own little guitar over to his apartment when we visited and play together. Sam was only about 4-1/2 at the time’ whatever the age when the torture that is Suzuki method lets you start music lessons, but he thought they sounded fantastic.

Nothing made Dan happier than being surrounded by family. In this picture, Sam and my nieces brought out all the instruments in Grandma’s arsenal (it was an assault on the ears, so arsenal is a fair term) and got together with Dan for a regular hootenanny. Or jam.

Or racket.

They sure had fun, though.

Bless you, Papa Dan. I sure miss you.

* * * * * *

This (very belated) post is for week 90 of the Gallery: “a Family Story” and is linked up at Sticky Fingers blog.


  1. Tears, I will always love that picture and can remember the day well. How he loved playing with the kids.

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