A Pin…and A Dream

It takes a lot of trust and more than a pinch of faith to rent your home to strangers. You can only hope that you will find someone who will love and treat your house as if it were their own (and pray that they take good care of their own things.)

Unfortunately, our last tenants were pretty much schmucks, and only treated the house as if it were there own when it came to installing things and making changes (all of which required permission that was not requested). Other than that, they pretty much trashed it.

It took a lot of elbow grease (and a dedicated handyman) to get the house back into shape for our new tenants, who I think (and hope and pray) will finally love and respect the home as we would. The bad news is that the kitchen bore the brunt of the abuse, and I can only pray that the cabinets hold together for the duration of their stay.

The good news? I get a new kitchen when we move back. :insert giddy laugh and much hand rubbing:

That kitchen also opens onto THE most hideous den/sitting room you have ever seen, so I am hoping that we can remodel/refresh that room as well.

Which can only mean one thing to this OCD girl:

I’m a mad  pinning fool.




Funny, most of these cabinets are white – and I’ve done white, and it was NOT a good idea (for a neat freak, that is) and kids. Everything seems to incorporate some shade of green/sea foam….hmmm…maybe I’m getting an inspiration.

But what I really, really, REALLY want?

See that Aga up top?

Yeah, that. (Or something like it)

The last house we rented here had a gorgeous Stoves range. It looked like this.

Conventional oven, convection oven, slow cooker oven, and grill (aka: broiler)/oven combo. SEVEN burners. (I will admit to using 5 at once, plus two ovens and keeping food warm in the slow cooker, all for a big meal.) It was HEAVEN. But they don’t sell Stoves (the brand) in the US, as far as I can tell, so I need to find  a near replacement.

And then figure out how I fit something this massive in a kitchen with not much wall space.

And then convince the Hubs to go for all this.

A girl can dream…..

* * * * *

Mama’s Losin’ It

This post was inspired by a prompt for Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop: “Are you on Pinterest? Share the last five items you pinned, choose one and let it inspire a blog post.” And because I’m currently obsessed with kitchens and sitting rooms and design shows. Helloooooooo…..Candice Olson…….I NEEEEEEED you….(Have I mentioned that  watched nothing but HGTV when I first had the kids? I adore Divine Design….and Toronto isn’t that far from Chicago….)


I should have written in more detail about one of my Life Stories…..


  1. Good ole HGTV, I saw one just last week. Was it Auga or something like that. You will find it if it is out there.

    • Yes, THIS one is an Aga. They sell them at the Great Indoors in Downers Grove…

      [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  2. Wow, Larry would love that stove/range!!

  3. omg, I love that stove! Except my mad competitive streak would make me want to use all seven burners and all the ovens at the same time, and I imagine that could melt down the house!

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