Happy Anniversary to Me (and Hubs)

Gotta get the Hubs in there – it takes two to make a marriage work!

Today is our 6 year anniversary! Time has flown by (probably because we have a 5 year old). Yes, go ahead, do the math – we had one of the shortest honeymoon periods on record, I’m sure. Say what you want, but I’m thinkin’ that the honeymoon is officially over when wifey is worshiping the porcelain god more consistently than anything else on any given day!

I’ve been blessed to find such an awesome guy. He’s thoughtful, kind, great with the kids…he gives them a bath and puts them to bed on nights when he is not travelling, so he gets extra points in my book!

We are both emotional, stubborn, and do butt heads from time to time, but we have great communication (in the end). He makes me laugh, and doesn’t mind that I’m a dork. He makes fun of my Twittering, and humors my blogging. In return, I make fun of his gray hairs and humor his foul-pre-coffee moods. (Yes, i try to talk as little as possible until he has consumed coffee. Its a fact.)

This year we celebrated with a dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse. Nothing like a petit filet, some seafood, a bottle of wine and molten chocolate cake to celebrate! It was nice to have a grown up dinner, in a grown up restaurant with REAL waiters, tablecloths that were not paper and have a real conversation!

I count my blessings for the day I met him (and owe my mom yet another word of thanks – she made me go to the party where I met him because, as she said “you might meet someone”). Who would ever have thought that I would have!

So Happy Anniversary, baby! I love you to the moon and back.


  1. Aww, so sweet! Happy Anniversary to you guys! I look forward to my upcoming annivesary because it will also mean eating in a real restaurant and drinking lots of wine. 🙂

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