I’m A Scooter Girl: A Review of the Mum’s Fit Guide Scooter Workout

I am a clutz not the most graceful person you’ve ever met.

This has never stopped me from trying something new. (I distinctly remember getting horrified/panicked phone calls from both my sister and mother when I bought my first pair of roller blades in the ’90s, as they were both certain I’d inconveniently break a leg just before my sister’s wedding. I was the maid of honor. For the record, I bruised nothing but my ego a time or two.)

I’m also trying to lose weight, and not much for being inside a gym, so when I was presented the opportunity to try out the “ Scooter Fitness for Mums” workout, created by Micro Scooters UK (www.micro-scooters.co.uk) and Mari-Anne Elder, I couldn’t pass it up – I thought my son’s scooter looked like so much fun!

Since Boo wasn’t about to let me on his Star Wars scooter, I was kindly provided with a Micro Sprite to try out. It took no time to assemble (and I was impressed with how compactly it folds down, too, for travel).

Look, a scooter just for not-so-little-ole me!


I’ve done a lot of different fitness routines over the years, and so I was impressed with the overall range that Mum’s Fit provided – a good warm up, toning, sculpting (with a bit utilizing the scooter itself as a weight), and finishing up with a good stretch – but it was the actual gliding exercises that cinched it for me. The simple act of having to stabilize one leg on the moving scooter really targeted my inner and outer thighs – something I have a really hard time hitting. Oh, and did I mention – it was a hoot?!!!

And while this is a fantastic workout wherever you go, you don’t actually need a ton of room if you don’t want to hit the pavement at first. The instructions do recommend (a) not to try it on wet ground and (b) to use it on flat ground – but since I’m living in Wales (it rains a lot), and there isn’t much flat space anywhere here in town, I’m taking it under advisement as I roll up and down the one-track road we live on and/or our drive-way.

Bottom line: it’s a really fun workout, and you can scoot along with your kids. The website suggests starting a club – which I think would be really fun! (We’ve already talked about jumping on my trampoline as a means to reduce stress….)

C’mon ladies – who’s in?

* * * * * * * * *

*If you are interested in giving it a go yourself, the full workout can be found on www.micro-scooters.co.uk.  I reviewed the Scooter Fitness for Mums workout for www.LivingWithKids.comKidStart‘s family blog.




  1. Loved it. And you didn’t fall off. Who did the filming?

  2. I want to see some ramps and jumps!

    • Oh, Jesus — you get what you get. I guarantee, there are NO ramps in the workout. (Like the downhill, one lane road -with slippery moss growing down the middle) isn’t enough of an obstacle course as it was!


  3. You had some moves that reminded me of Bobby growing up….you know the guy on the bike… 🙂

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