The Gallery: My Photography Resolution

I hate resolutions, mostly because I don’t stick to them. Still, I can’t be mad at Tara for making this week’s theme for The Gallery “My Photography Resolution” because I’m pretty sure I kind of made a similar one already.

And no, I’m not doing so well with it, either.

However, in that same post, I also had a “bucket list” of sorts – and the first item on that list was to get the camera off of the auto settings and learn to shoot my DSLR on manual.

So I did it….today, I signed up for a photography workshop with Arts Alive Wales. I’m pretty excited about it!


Now, I just need to find the user manual for my Nikon….because, seriously, I have no idea what I’m doing when I take it off of manual!

This post is for week 88 of the Gallery: My Photography Resolution!


  1. What a stunning picture. Good luck x

  2. So glad you finally committed yourself to a class. Have fun with it.

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