Finding a Way Back

I have been absent. (Hopefully, I’ve been missed…)

Now, in my head, I’ve written a lot of posts. (They were darn funny as well – practically brilliant!) There are a few fun reviews in the pipeline, too, so just stay tuned.


Getting them into my Mac? Not so easy.

It’s been a rough go lately. Overwhelmed. Depressed. When I get like this, I find that I tend to get a bit OCD; my focus narrows in to one or two things, and it’s all I can do to sort out those things. For me, it was getting an upcoming trip booked – one which, to be honest, I’m hesitant about even taking, because our last few family outings have been stressful. Yeah, my darling baby-girl can turn on the diva a bit too easily, and I’m beating myself up about it.

But I’m getting off track.

So while I want to post, I can’t quite seem to drag myself out of the depths of dreckishness in which I am floundering to write what I want to write. And hell, I don’t want to hear me whine, so I’ve been just playing a lot of “Words with Friends”.

You know, the snooty version of “Farmville”.

I do best digging out with a lot of tea, lots of dog walks (a.k.a. “exercise”), and digging deep for the funny. I need to find the funny or lose my mind.

In the meantime…what can I spell with “M T T Y K Z I”?


  1. Kitty

    And snap out of it my friend. You are in a wonderful place in your life and Pea will challenge you for the rest of your life. Let it roll.

  2. If someone can lend you an “A” and an “I” you could have “TATZIKI”! Surely if they’re friends they’d do that? 😉

    Chin up…keep truckin’! And hugs to you too!

    😉 Karin

  3. You have been missed indeed 🙂 My boys turn on the diva all the time, they were especially horrible over the holidays, now they’ve seemed to have settled down a bit again… It’s frustrating to say the least.

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