The Gallery: Eyes

See those big brown eyes?

They take in everything.


Not much gets by my boy.

It’s a fact that I need to bear in mind a bit more than I have been lately. He sees his sister’s tantrums….but he also sees her getting attention. (It’s negative attention, mind you –  but in his world, attention is better than none at all.)

He sees me beating myself up for handling things poorly. He sees me beating myself up for not planning better, for feeling like I should be a better parent. He takes it all in. And then I hear “I’m the worst kid ever…it’s all my fault” (when he’s done nothing wrong.)

And my heart breaks.

Oh, my beautiful boy.

I need to help him see.

He is brave. He is smart. He is kind.

He is loved.

This is a very late post for week 87 of The Gallery: Eyes – but one I really needed to post.

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