The Gallery: Phone Photos

I love my iPhone. It is a constant companion (much to my husband’s chagrin, I’m quite certain).

While I don’t actually use it as a phone all that often, I DO text, tweet, Facebook and pin things. I often Google on the go. I take notes; I track WeightWatchers points.

And I take photos: Camera app, Instagram, Hipstamatic, and I edit photos: LabelBox, MoreBeaute2,Diptic, Filter Mania.

While I’m a bit of a photography geek – I love my Nikon (DSLR), and if I don’t have that with me, my little Canon (a lovely point and shoot) ┬áis on hand – there is something about the immediacy of my phone photos, particularly since the quality has improved so much and the ability to share simplified.

And for me? The ability to take self-portraits means that there will be a few decent pictures of me, somewhere.


If there are any iPhone photography apps that you think I MUST have, let me know!!!!

This week’s theme at The Gallery is: Phone Photos.


  1. I love the bottom photo of you – gorgeous lady!

    I use snapseed to edit pics on the iPad, it’s rather good

  2. My favorite is the one with you and Sam!

  3. Ooh. There are quite a few apps there I haven’t tried. Lovely shots by the way.

  4. I have not discovered self portraits? Can you do that on an Iphone 3? You do take a lovely picture by the way! x

    • Well, it’s easier with the 4 (because it has a front camera, too) but I did with my 3 — it’s just more hit-or-miss as you are shooting blinding (or using a reflection in the mirror to see if you’ve framed yourself properly. (and if you shoot the pic with the Camera app and then open it in Instagram, you can zoom in to move yourself more to center.)

      Really, you just need to get the “black screen of death” on your iPhone3 like I did and then you’ll be FORCED to get the 4….

  5. Ooh, me too, me too. I use my iphone of my Nikon or my little ole’ Canon!! Lovely photos by the way.

  6. I wish I were a photgraphy geek. I am a geek wannabe. I have a nice camera and several photo apps on my phone, but very little talent. Love your phone photos!

    • i’m such a geek – Pea runs around like a celeb, ordering “No photos, mommy”. I never leave the house without a camera (not including the iPhone) as I’ve been caught once too many times wishing I had a camera on hand!

  7. Pretty lady – and I agree, the only pics I like of myself are ones I took!

  8. What gorgeous photos, I love phone photos you can take them instantly x

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