It’s Not Easy Being Green


This year, I’m gonna do it.

I’m gonna lose those last 10 13 pounds.
I checked in at Weight Watchers today (and I’m happy to report I only gained two pounds over the last three weeks Christmas holiday….since I displayed abysmal self-control in the face of loads of chocolates and cheeses and alcohol….), I’m tracking what I eat (I’m not obsessive about it, but I find when I do I am not shoveling unhealthy snacks in with abandon) and I’m istening to my Slimpod.

One of my “resolutions” is to try a new recipe every week. I also really want to eat healthier in general. Which means: more vegetables. To this end, in the winter time, I do not each much by way of greens. “Salads are for summer” my brain (and tummy) cry. (Mostly my brain…my tummy is yelling “Baileys truffles”.)

So when I saw Brown Eyed Baker’s recipe for a green smoothie, along with the happy claim that you really can’t taste the spinach at all (hey, I don’t mind spinach…but I prefer it in as a salad, or even better – a dip, with avocado and cheese – but I don’t want to drink it), I had to try it.

I ADORE Michelle. I love her recipes.

But clearly, she has a much better blender than I do.

Surprisingly, this wasn’t bad. At the front was a fresh citrusy-banana taste.

Followed by a sharp tang of spinach in the back of my throat, although that could have been because my US-blender-plugged-into-a-UK-stepdown-converter doesn’t quite operate at the same velocity as it does at home.  And I may have been missing the “smooth” in “smoothie”.

Still, I slugged it down enjoyed it. I will definitely make it again, maybe add a little more water, an extra banana, and blend it a LOT longer.

And next time, I promise, I will not chase it with this.

Edited: since the recipe makes TWO servings, when I went back later to finish it, I added some more water and had a go at it with my immersion blender. The texture was improved considerably and I think I will try making it again!


  1. It seems to me that a wine chaser after a green smoothie is as healthy as you can get. Wine counts as fruit, you know!

  2. You are brave! I don;t know if I could put spinach in a smoothy. We got a new blender for Christmas so we have at least been making smoothies. Perhaps I will have to try it! I could definitely use some more veggies in my diet.

    Also only 2 pounds for the holidays, thats amazing. I am ganging a lot more but blaming it all on my pregnancy lol 🙂

  3. I agree with Mommser – wine, when paired with anything is brilliant.

    I think I’ll continue to eat my spinach the old fashioned way, however, maybe I should drink it becuase I gained a whopping 20lbs TWENTY – over the holidays…YIKES!

  4. Green smoothie- I keep staring at the picture trying to figure out how that could be tastier and all I come up with is alcohol. That is probably not the answer to your question. 😉

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