Awkward Family Photos

Many thanks goes to Jenna McCarthy for the link to one of the most hilarious blogs I’ve read lately (well, at least today), which makes tribute to that painful tradition, the awkward family photo.

Oh, you know you have at least one photo like this in your collection. If you are lucky, your mom is still not displaying it in the den, next to her collection of Precious Moments and your old high school awards.

So go pee, get comfortable, and click on Awkward Family Photos. I guarantee you’ll laugh until you cry. Or until you pee (if you didn’t take my advice and make a potty run). If you don’t find it hilarious, well, I’m guessing you have one of the photos on your wall, and you actually think you look good in it.

In which case, well, let me know, so I can make my own submission to the Awkward Family Photo blog!

Then come back here, so you can find the link to Jenna McCarthy’s blog here. She’s hilarious. Trust me!


  1. Cecily R says

    I saw this site earlier (I think via Jenna via twitter) and spend WAY too much time on it laughing all over myself. Great entertainment!

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