Lists and Goals and Randomness


Isn’t she the cutest stinkin’ thing you ever saw?

Where was I???

* * *

I like lists. Lists are good. To-do lists? LOVE them. I love the feeling when I can check things off.




Do you know what I don’t like?

Resolutions – I rarely keep them, and then I spend more time berating myself because, yet again, I failed.

In all honestly, I do much better at Lent. Giving something up or making a change – with a 40 day timeframe – is much more manageable concept, and as they say, you can make or break a habit in 30 days….

But still, that seems a bit pitiful, putting things off until Lent.

Soooooo….I’m working on two lists. (I REALLY like lists.) One is a set of goals (that sounds less do-or-die than “resolutions”, eh?)…and the other is a “bucket list” of sorts.

This year, I will TRY to:

– PLAY MORE. My kidlings are growing up SOO fast, and I want to spend more time with them – doing FUN stuff – while they actually want to spend time with ME. Some days I  look in the mirror and wonder who that stuffy old woman is looking back at me.

– REMEMBER WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE A KID. They have a much different perspective than we do – and I think that we, as adults, try to force them into our views (and expectations) of things, and don’t do enough living in the moment. And let’s face it – I’m far too serious in real life. (really)

– BE MORE PATIENT. Lordy, do I need more patience. ‘Nuf said.

– SWEAR LESS. (Ain’t no frickin’ way I’ll give up that shit completely. Hells, no. But I’ll try.)

– EXERCISE MORE. Walking the dog, Just Dance and Zumba on the Wii, getting back into running jogging – anything to keep moving.

– TAKE BETTER CARE OF ME. I confess, I don’t get enough sleep, I don’t drink enough water, I need to eat more greens, and I’m hard on myself. This all needs to change. Yesterday.

– BE IN MORE PHOTOS.  The way things stand now, in 20 years, my kids will look back through our albums stacks of photos iPhoto and ask “Where was mom?”

See? That sounds approachable. Manageable, even….


…is my 2011 “Things I really really REALLY want to do list”:

– Finally, really learn to work my DSLR camera off the “auto” settings.

– Learn to use Photoshop

– Get my pictures out of iPhoto and into albums. (I haven’t done this since Pea was born. *gulp*)

– Cook a new recipe every week

– Write for something OTHER than my Blog.

– Learn to crochet

Actually, it doesn’t actually look like much, does it?

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