God Never Leaves Us

Unpacking Boo’s school backpack to unload the end-of-year detrius, I came across a clothespin.

Yes, you read that correctly – he has a clothespin that says “God Never Leaves Us”.

He attends a Christian preschool, and they have done an amazing job in their gentle instructions in faith. He “gets” it, and that is such a blessing. I brought it to him to get an explanation, as I was very curious as to the connection between the words and such a simple tool.

Boo says, “Oh, Mommy – that is God Never Leaves us – it shows us how He is always with us.” He absently clipped it to his shirt, and started spinning and hopping around. “See, Mommy”, he pants “God stays with us no matter what we do”.
He stops hopping, unclips it, and says “You can wear it now. ‘Cause God and Jesus are really inside us, and in Heaven, too”.
With that, he returns to his coloring book.
Amazing. The clothespin is going to be kept nearby, as I think I’ll be needing it in the weeks ahead!


  1. That is so sweet!

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