There’s Something So WRONG about a Baby on a Scooter

You know there is always that one toy on your child’s list that you just don’t want to buy: it’s too obnoxious, it’s too stupid for words…or because you know, in the long run, it will probably get forgotten in the corner. Or by the front door. Whatever.

Pea had a few of these items on her list. At the top of my list of “Oh dear GOD please don’t ask me to buy you that” was the Baby Born Water Fun Jetski.

Yes. A JETSKI. For a baby doll.

Let me ask you – how big is YOUR bathtub???

If this house had any working showers, and we weren’t forced to take baths every day, I wouldn’t be so fussed about this, but honestly, I didn’t want to share my tub with a toy jet ski big enough for an 11″ baby doll to ride on it. Oh, and a baby doll, too, because she’s not getting her Bitty Baby all manky with bath water, so I knew I’d have to get her a cheap baby doll to ride on it. Ewwww.

Needless to say, it was stressed – repeatedly – that the wish list was to give Santa ideas and that he didn’t necessarily bring everything on it. (Thank. Goodness.)

Lucky for me Santa, she had another heaven help me gift on her list: the Baby Born City Scooter. Oh, yes, and it is remote-controlled, too. Woo flipping hoo.

But, feeling like a scrooge (and finding the helmet set on the cheap at TK Maxx – yes, I said helmet. For a baby doll.) we conceded that maybe she would play the the damned thing.

Maybe. Hopefully it would go better than the FurReal kitty that she asked for a few years ago. (I had to dust it off before donating it to the school fete this summer. My apologies to the poor mom whose child ended up with it. Hint: turn it off at night, so it doesn’t go all creepy cat meowing in the darkened room all by itself.)

She sure seemed excited when she unwrapped the helmet.

For a baby doll.

Really excited.

Really, really excited. And that’s just for the doll’s outfit. (She already had the doll!!!!)

I think Baby is saying “Back OFF, girlfriend.”

Seriously – there’s just something wrong with this picture….

The Hubs just laughs (until he cries) every time he sees the bloody baby doll.

He’s also pretty certain that she will be parked, indefinitely, next to the front door….


And I’m sure she’s breaking some safety rule riding barefoot.

* * *

So c’mon, moms – ‘fess up: were there any toys on your child(ren)’s wish list that you nixed just on the grounds of “I refuse to buy THAT”? Any gifts that, even as your child opened, you (silently) cried out “Why why WHY?”

I can’t be alone in this….sucker that I am.


  1. ok, can I just say that it’s all well and good until you get to the back shot of the doll on the scooter with the … what the hell is that thing? holding her up in her seat. Though the pictures of your daughter’s excitement made me strangely happy and festive-feeling. Also, think of all the things you can prop up on the scooter once it’s indefinitely parked at your front door.

  2. Ellie Spencer says

    Baby Born scooter… oh, how adorable! I’ll trade you your Baby Born scooter for my Mr Creepy’s Magic Set.

  3. Oh we are all suckers for a happy little face! We may want to veto it but secretly we adore it!!

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